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Natural Home Remedies For Eczema

Eczema is a condition that manifests in patchy areas of itching, erythema and scaling on the skin. Eczema usually affects children, although it can also occur in adults. Conventional therapy includes anti-histamine medications, anti-inflammatory medications and UV light therapy. Over time you can become more and more dependent on these drugs, and the longer you use them the more likely you are to develop a side-effect, allergy or tolerance to the drug. I'd advise you opt for conventional medical therapy only if you have a very severe case of eczema, for example if you have a skin infection, then it is very important that you take antibiotics to help fight the infection. If however your eczema is NOT that bad, you may consider using alternative home therapies.

Oatmeal Eczema Therapy

Oats are a very common natural therapy for eczema. They work by giving your skin extended periods of moisturization, by forming a transparent film over your skin. You can either use oats as they come in the box, or it is better to put them in a blender to form a powder. If you don't have a blender or food processor, then you can always buy oats in the powder form in your local supermarket. After that, simply add a cup or two of the powder to your bath.

It's best to add the oatmeal when the water is running to avoid clump formation. Allow your body to be suspended in this oat-solution for at least 10 minutes, preferably longer. It is very unlikely that this solution will irritate your skin, though there is a very slight possibility, and if this does happen then stop using oatmeal baths immediately. Otherwise, you must continue to use it for a few weeks before seeing its full effect. This particular home remedy works well when your condition is particularly bad, and the good thing is you can use it as much as you want.

Change In Lifestyle

To get the best results, one must focus on eliminating a wide range of different possible causes of eczema. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of different possible triggers for eczema, many of which are known, but most of which are yet to be discovered.

As with many illnesses that are triggered/worsened by lifestyle practices, it is helpful if you keep a diary of the foods you eat, your daily activities, and the severity of your symptoms. When people are committed to do this, they almost always notice a pattern of activities that are linked to a worsening of their condition - like exposure to cigarette smoke/pollution, the wearing of particular fabrics or perfumes, and the consumption of certain foods such as dairy. Better than any drug or natural remedy you can take for eczema, is to be identify what these particular causative factors are and to eliminate them from your life. Where you eliminate one form of food from your diet to help with your eczema, be sure to replace it with another type of food that contains a similar or better nutrient content. Generally, you can't go wrong with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Try using hypoallergenic detergent and soap when possible. If you have a second rinse option on your washing machine, then consider using it at least once to really get that detergent off your clothes. Diet can play a HUGE role in helping to treat your eczema, since certain foods directly or indirectly modulate the behaviour of your immune system. Avoid eating out in general, and avoid all junk food. Eat more natural whole foods, especially fresh fruits and vegetables - either lightly steamed or uncooked. The above are a few of many different tactics you can use to help get rid of your eczema naturally.


Despite these home remedies being effective, it is still necessary for you to get a full diagnosis from your doctor, since other serious skin conditions like psoriasis can easily be mistaken for eczema by the untrained eye. Some medications can also interact with home remedies, so it is especially important for you to seek professional help before you start using alternative therapies.

Over time, as your condition gets better, you will be able to get away with seeing your doctor less and less. If you have severe eczema, you may need to use traditional medicine to get it under control. While using a medical drug, it doesn't hurt for example, to eliminate certain eczema-triggering foods from your diet.

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