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Eczema Diet Treatment

These natural remedies for eczema bring about some real lasting change when used consistently. Eczema, which is sometimes referred to as atopic dermatitis, is an inflammatory disorder that results in itchy, scaly and irritated patches of skin. The patches can manifest anywhere on the body, however, they are most often found on the face, between the knees and in the bends of the elbows. According to the CSNN (Canadian School of Natural Nutrition), one's diet plays a crucial role in determining the severity of the condition.

Diet Intolerance

Although not true for ALL eczema sufferers, it is quite common for eczema to occur in people who already suffer from allergies. You don't need to have a full-blown allergy to a particular food group for it to trigger your eczema. Even a slight, barely noticeable food intolerance can trigger a reaction in your immune system that leads to a flare-up of your eczema. An excellent way to find out if you are intolerant to a particular food group is via a process of elimination.

What Food Groups To Remove From Your Diet

A process of elimination may include getting rid of from your diet, all foods that are commonly known to trigger eczema, or eliminating them one by one. The first approach though more difficult, will help you discover those trigger foods much more quickly. Common foods to eliminate include coffee, soya products, eggs, milk and wheat. After a few weeks you should notice at least some improvement in your condition. The plan then, is to re-introduce these foods into your diet one at a time. If your symptoms return after re-introducing a particular food group, then you will know that this food group is wholly or partly responsible for triggering your eczema. If you find that your symptoms get worse with a particular nutrient, you must make sure to eliminate it from your diet completely and indefinitely. Gluten and dairy intolerance are both very common in eczema sufferers and you should be especially attentive to symptoms when adding gluten and dairy products back in your diet.

With Regards To How to Treat Eczema Through Dietary Modification

Over the last century, food processing and cooking, an increased consumption of animals and a decreased consumption of plant-based foods has lead to increased incidences of inflammatory conditions in people, especially in the west. Meat and poultry should therefore only be consumed once or twice per week, or in some cases, not at all. Not all food is evil when it comes to eczema however, since studies have demonstrated a remarkable ability for some foods to significantly improve symptoms in an eczema sufferer. These include fatty fish, fruits and vegetables, plant-based oils and yogurt. Probiotic yogurts that contain live active cultures have been shown in a number of studies to help reduce the symptoms of eczema by controlling the way your immune system responds to food, and preventing it from over-reacting as it does in eczema.

B Carotene and Vitamin A

A number of well-documented reports have looked at the role of vitamin A and beta carotene in both preventing and eliminating the symptoms of eczema. They have both been shown to help people be eczema free for far longer and far more effectively than if these two nutrients were deficient in one's diet. Good food sources of beta carotene and vitamin A include carrots, sweet potatoes, turnip greens and fresh thyme.


Finally, fiber is important to promote regular bowel elimination. The inner (luminal) walls of your intestines are given much protection from dietary roughage, which prevents toxic substances from hanging around long enough to have much effect. This reduces the occurrence of leaky gut syndrome, which is directly related to atopic conditions like asthma, rhinitis and eczema. One way to increase fiber in your diet is to opt for the whole-meal variety of foods, avoiding processed refined carbohydrates like white pasta, white rice, white bread and white flour, and non-whole grain cereals.

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